The Ledlenser battery box is used for the safe storage and transport of rechargeable batteries type 18650 (included). This protects them from water, dust and short circuits during rough outdoor activities.

*The Batterybox comes with 2 x 18650 Li-ion Batteries (As shown in Picture).

    Special Information

    1. Compatibility

      Compatible with F1R, H8R, MH10, MH11, ML6, MT10, NEO10R, P7R, iH11R, iH8R

    2. Features

      • Ideal place - for storage and transport of batteries
      • Short-circuit protection - to ensure long life
      • Backup function - Fast application into many Ledlenser lighting products and into the Flex Powerbanks
      • Great for outdoor travel - with water and dust protection of IP65

    Technical Details

    Ledlenser Batterybox

    Technical features

    • Battery 2x 18650 Li-ion 3.6v
    • Battery Capacity 6800 mAh
    • Height 25 mm
    • Length 81 mm
    • Material PC
    • Weight 133 g
    • Width 56 mm