Everyday Essential Lighting

Everyday Essential Lighting



Living in the city doesn’t guarantee that you’ll never be in the dark, and the light from your phone may be enough for small tasks, but having the right lighting for the right task can make all the difference.

Identification of your surroundings and potential threats, self-defence, emergency preparation and even just conserving your phone battery, these are just four examples of the immediate benefits of adding a portable light to your everyday carry.

At Ledlenser, we believe that gearing up with a reliable source of lighting is one of the best preparations for any situation. From headlamps to torches, PowerUp with one of our lighting solutions below:


K4R Keyring Lamp


Raising performance, technology and design to a new level, this small everyday helper is housed in a high-quality and well-designed aluminium case, reaching up to 60 lumens and providing wide area illumination. Equipped with an additional safety feature of an SOS distress signal mode, the K4R is rechargeable and can be easily attached to your keys or bag, making it the perfect compact carry light.

RRP: $29.95


P6R Core Torch


Featuring a sleek design encasing cutting-edge technology that provides bright illumination, the P6R Core is perfectly protected from dust and water. Thanks to the innovative Smart Light Technology, this torch is dimmable and adjustable, and can be charged with the Magnetic Charge System. With 8 light functions, the P6R Core is designed for a wide range of applications for everyday or on the job use.

RRP: $159.95



Lite Wallet


A practical everyday companion for your pocket or bag, the Lite Wallet features a rechargeable LED lamp that is up to four times brighter and has up to four times better light range compared to smartphone lamps. With an integrated RFID protection making sure your sensitive data is kept safe, this wallet also features multiple card holder slots with a handy elastic band for you to keep a little cash with you at all times.

RRP: $69.95


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