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Nothing is more exciting and fulfilling than a day spent hiking the hills or mountains. Whether you are a professional mountaineer who loves to explore higher altitudes or you just like to go to your local hiking spot from time to time – a solid, dependable lighting device is a must.

Discover our selection of hiking lights and make the most out of your time in the heart of nature.

Best hiking torches and headlamps

Here at Ledlenser, we are passionate about providing millions of our loyal customers around the world with reliable and consistent lighting solutions for any kind of activity, from everyday routine tasks to professional work-related assignments. For over 20 years, unparalleled German quality and technology have been at the forefront of our iconic brand experience.

Our collection of hiking lights is a reflection of everything we value – versatile, functional, convenient, reliable and durable, these torches and headlamps are set to tag along with you on your above the treeline adventures.

There are a few reasons why our hiking lights would make great companions for every mountaineer, from beginners to experienced hikers.

Find the most fitting device type

Within our selection of hiking lights, we offer hiking torches and hiking headlamps, both of which have their own advantages that would fit certain scenarios. For example, hiking torches are compact, can be easily operated with one hand and feature flat bases that add to stability when the device is out down. Hiking headlamps have adjustable straps that ensure the device will sit securely and comfortably on the head to give you a worry-free, convenient experience. The headlamps free up both of your hands and allow full freedom of movement. So depending on what your hiking style entails, you can find an option that suits you best.

Adjust the brightness

One of the most convenient features of Ledlenser lights is their versatility in terms of the power and brightness of the beam. Most of our hiking lights offer several brightness levels that you can easily switch between to adjust the lighting to your surroundings. Depending on the model, you can find torches and headlamps that can put out anything between 10 and 2000 lumens of light. So whether you need a dim light or a powerful beam to illuminate the area around you - there is a hiking light to fit your requirements.

Having several brightness levels also comes in handy whenever there is a need to forward-plan your battery use, as the battery run time is dependent on the brightness mode used. If your hiking route involves being away from power for a long period of time, you can choose a lighting device with the longest battery run time and plan your use of power in accordance with your trip.

Signalling for safety

On top of brightness levels, some of our hiking lights also feature a range of additional lighting modes, such as S.O.S., strobe, blink, boost and others, that are great for signalling and position-marking purposes. If there is a set of special signals you and your hiking companions have agreed on, you might want to check out the models that already have these light options built in. 

Well-protected hiking lights

Featuring sturdy frames made of premium quality materials, Ledlenser products are well protected and durable. IP classes are given to most of our torches and headlamps, including hiking lights. These help to ensure our devices are long-lasting and reliable. The IP class of a portable light indicates whether the device can withstand the effect of external factors such as water and dust and if it can, to what extent. Among our products, you can find headlamps that can adequately withstand the occasional downpour, as well as torches that can be submerged in water at the depth of 1.5 m for up to half an hour without being impacted.

Depending on whether your intended use of our hiking lights involves activities near open water sources, getting caught in adverse weather conditions or a route that lies through very dusty ground, you can find a device with the fitting IP class. By choosing a lighting solution with the right IP class, you are making sure the product serves you for the longest time.

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The world's leading manufacturer of lighting devices, Ledlenser, offers an extensive collection of premium-quality portable lighting solutions in Australia. From lightweight hiking torches, headlamps and lanterns to powerful area lights that provide high-quality performance in work environments and a host of invaluable accessories such as carry cases, lens filter kits, charging cables and more - our product line is sure to meet your needs. 

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