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Top-quality Head Torches

At Ledlenser, we are devoted to creating reliable and durable hiking and trekking head torches that are extremely convenient to use and that provide a solid level of safety and comfort to all the adventure-loving folks.

Here are a few important points to help you get a grip of our collection of headlamps and to make it easier for you to land just the perfect one for your trip:

  • Rechargeable Battery. Our range of head torches is equipped with durable, high-quality batteries that can be recharged. With some of the models, you can go as long as 60 hours on a low-power mode without recharging. This way, you are not only getting a very reliable piece of equipment to help you retain nighttime vision, but you are also making an eco-friendly choice as you won’t be needing battery replacement for a long time.
  • Bright headlamps. We provide headlamp options that, depending on the model, are put out between 10 and 1000 lumens on different power modes. So whether your route lies through a well-lit tourist area, where you would need a minimum light output, or through a total wilderness - we’ve got you covered.
  • Light colours. Factors such as weather conditions, wildlife, your planned activities for the trip - all might require different light colours to suit the situation best. Basic camp activities are easier done with red light, as it wouldn’t wake your sleeping hike mates up, and it is also one of the best lights to help you navigate through foggy and rainy weather. While green light generally goes easier on eyes, its brightness can be tolerated for a longer amount of time. Depending on the possible scenarios of your trek or hike, you can choose a perfect light colour set for your situation.
  • IP class. IP class on the head torches indicates what kind of external factor effects, like water splashed and dust, the headlamp can withstand. Whether your hiking route includes passing a river or fishing or it’s a peaceful camp night - you can choose a head torch with the perfect IP class for your trip.

To find more options that can also be a good fit for your hiking or trekking adventures, browse our collections of Sports Headlamps and Signature Series Headlamps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many lumens for hiking headlamp?

Typically 400 lumens and above is a great output for a hiking headlamp, however, this can also be affected by seasonality and time of year. For general hiking, in mild weather, 400 lumens will be sufficient. If you are undertaking an extreme weather hike, in the Winter weather you can opt for a slightly higher output however 400 lumens is enough.

What is the best head torch for hiking?

The best head torch for hiking is the Ledlenser MH Range, this range of headlamps have a front battery pack and are light and compact for ease of wear over an extended period of time. The MH range also has the ability to remove the light from the head torch so you can use the light as a handheld with clip options if needed., this versatility makes the head torch a must-have for hiking.

Which headlamp colour is best for night hiking?

A headlamp with a reflective band is great for hiking as it allows you to be seen by other hikers, and vehicles giving you an added level of safety if you are lost or injured. Regarding light colour, white light would be the first choice of lighting with hikers, however, red-light functionality could be useful to retain night vision after dark.

The Ledlenser H7R Signature is a great choice for hiking.

Do I need a head torch when hiking?

Yes, a head torch is an essential piece of gear when hiking, if you are embarking on a long hike, it is extremely important to illuminate your path. Not only for lighting the way a headlamp will be very useful in an emergency if you are lost or injured, invest in a head torch that has light signalling such as SOS signalling and blink mode which will draw attention to you if you need assistance.

Why are headlamps important when hiking?

Headlamps are one of the most important pieces of gear to take when hiking. Hikes can often lead well into the night, and multi-day hikes will need a good quality headlamp to illuminate a trail and a campsite.

Another reason a good quality head torch is essential for a hike is for emergency use in the event of injury or if you are lost on the trail. Ensure that your head torch has emergency lighting capabilities including strobe, SOS and blink mode.