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Whether you are spending the night in the wilderness or planning fun evening activities with your children in the local park – a solid, reliable lighting device is a must. 

Discover our extensive selection of high-quality, dependable camping lights today and make the most of your time in the heart of nature.

LED Camping Lights

Here at Ledlenser, we are devoted to providing millions around the globe with safe and consistent lighting devices to keep our customers covered for any kind of situation, be it spontaneous trips to nature or an unexpected power outage. For more than 20 years, German quality and a forward-thinking approach towards technology have been the driving forces behind the iconic Ledlenser brand experience.

Our camping lights collection is a reflection of everything we value – innovation, quality and functionality. Durable, versatile, featuring innovative LED bulbs, sturdy and convenient, our camping headlamps, lanterns and torches are a must in every backpack and toolbox.

There are a few reasons why our camping lights might make a great addition to your selection of go-to torches.

Adjust the brightness

One of the features that make our products great is the flexibility with which we approach the aspect of power and brightness of our devices. Almost all Ledlenser torches, including the models from the camping collection, offer several brightness levels in one device. Depending on the type of lighting device and the model, our camping lights can put out anything between 5 to 1400 lumens of light. This means that you can always find a camping torch or headlamp that will offer you just the right range of brightness for you to adjust it to any kind of situation. Whether you need a dim light to read inside your tent or a powerful beam to illuminate your surroundings and keep you safe throughout the night, there is a torch to fit your requirement.

The brightness of your camping light defines not only how powerful your beam can be, but also affects the battery run time. It comes in handy whenever there is a need to plan ahead your battery use or estimate how long your device is going to last.

Various lighting modes

Along with different brightness levels, some of our camping lights are equipped with special lighting modes, like S.O.S., strobe, blink, boost and a range of others. These lighting functions are great for signalling and position-marking purposes. So if there is a set of signals that you have agreed on with your camping buddies, you might want to opt for devices that already have these signalling options built-in.

Choose the most convenient device

Within our collection, we offer camping torches, headlamps and lanterns, which gives you the freedom to choose the type of device that will fit your journey best. Our torches and lanterns are compact, easy to operate with one hand and are really convenient when you need to use the device as a static light by placing it on a surface. Camping headlamps prove themselves useful whenever you need both of your hands free and want to enjoy full freedom of movement. They feature adjustable straps and sit securely on the head, giving you a comfortable, worry-free experience. They’re ideal for pitching your tent if you’re losing the daylight when you arrive at your camping spot. 

So depending on what it is exactly that you need on your camping trip in terms of lighting, you can choose a device to suit your preferences and camping style, or opt for a set of devices to have your back along your journey.

Camping lights with great protection

Apart from being sturdy due to the materials used in the making of the device, most of our camping lights feature a certain level of additional protection, which depends on the device’s IP class. The IP class of a lighting device defines how well protected it is when exposed to elements like water or dust. Different IP classes are assigned to different devices, meaning that they can withstand water and dust to varying extents. For example, there are camping lanterns that can withstand the occasional rain shower, as well as torches that can be submerged into the water at a certain depth for a prolonged amount of time and come out unimpaired.

So depending on whether you’ll be camping close to open water sources or visiting areas prone to dust storms, you can choose a camping light with a fitting IP class to make sure the device keeps you company for the longest time possible.

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