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Discover our selection of durable, intrinsically safe headlamps that you can use in potentially explosive environments.

There are many workplaces that might contain certain sensitive materials and elements or job types that involve activities producing a potentially explosive atmosphere. In such environments, powerful and stable lighting is essential to the work processes. Intrinsically safe headlamps and flashlights are designed specifically for this type of workplace. These lighting devices are built to not produce sparks and are protected from the effects of heat by using special technological advancements and heat-resistant materials.

Best Intrinsically Safe Headlamps

For over 20 years, unsurpassed German quality and technology have been the driving force behind Ledlenser’s brand experience. We provide consistent and reliable lighting to our loyal clientele around the globe. 

Our products reflect our thought-out approach that combines high-quality materials, attention to detail and advanced knowledge of field-specific requirements for different types of lighting devices. Our selection of intrinsically safe headlamps is no exception - secure, durable and powerful - they are a great addition to any workplace or area with a sensitive environment.

Here are a few key reasons why our intrinsically safe headlamps are a good fit for high-risk ignitable spaces:

  • Ex rating. Our intrinsically safe headlamps feature solid ex ratings, allowing them to be safely used in high-risk environments. The Ex rating defines the potentially flammable spaces the headlamps can be used in. So depending on whether you are working in an area with a high risk of gas or vapour or in a workplace with medium risk powder or dust, you can choose a headlamp that will provide consistent and reliable illumination for you and your team. 
  • Convenience. The way our intrinsically safe headlamps are designed makes using them convenient and prevents accidental falls or breakages. The headlamps sit securely on the head and feature adjustable headbands with anti-slip rubber grips so that you always have full freedom of movement without worrying the headlamp will slip.
  • IP class. The IP class of a lighting device defines whether it can be exposed to the effect of external factors such as dust and water and, if the device can withstand these factors, to what extent it can do so. For example, some of our intrinsically safe headlamps can work without being impaired when exposed to dust and jets of water, while there are headlamp models that can be submerged in water at a certain depth for a prolonged period. Depending on your work, you can choose an intrinsically safe headlamp with a fitting IP class.

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Are flashlights intrinsically safe?

Generally speaking, flashlights might not be intrinsically safe if their specification doesn’t state this. Intrinsically safe flashlights are built so that they do not produce sparks and do not start a fire in a hazardous, easily inflammable area. For a flashlight to be intrinsically safe, it also needs to be manufactured to protect its elements from overheating when exposed to high temperatures.

Here at Ledlenser, we offer a great selection of certified, intrinsically safe headlamps that provide secure, powerful and reliable lighting in potentially hazardous areas.

Are headlamps safe?

Whether the headlamp is safe to use in a high-risk area is defined by whether it has been approved as an intrinsically safe headlamp.

Here at Ledlenser, we offer a selection of intrinsically safe headlamps that have undergone many rigorous testing processes and proven themselves to be secure for various hazardous spaces.

What is the difference between intrinsically safe and non-intrinsically safe?

Intrinsically safe headlamps are a special type of officially certified headlamp that is safe to use in areas that produce or involve working with explosive and flammable materials and elements. Intrinsically safe headlamps are purpose-built with added protection, so they cannot act as a source of ignition when used in sensitive areas. In addition, such headlamps are built to withstand potentially abnormal high temperatures that might occur in hazardous areas. Depending on a special indicator called the Ex rating, an intrinsically safe headlamp can be fit for different high-risk areas. For example, certain Ex ratings make a headlamp safe for use in an environment with explosive gas and vapour, while other Ex ratings apply to flammable dust and powder. The Ex rating also defines whether the headlamp fits the areas with a high or medium risk of explosion.

Non-intrinsically safe headlamps can still provide high performance but are not certified for use in high-risk environments. They are designed for use in non-sensitive areas.

What makes a device intrinsically safe?

A device is considered intrinsically safe when it cannot act as an ignition source when being used in a sensitive area. It can be used safely around potentially flammable gases, vapours, powders and dust without risk of heat discharge or static electricity from the device affecting the volatile environment. For a device to be intrinsically safe, it needs to be certified as such.