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There is nothing more convenient, versatile and handy than a reliable pocket torch. At Ledlenser, we offer a wide range of reliable, high-quality pocket torch lights and pen lights to serve as your trusted companion in any situation. Whether for working the night shift or preparing and packing the necessary equipment for your camping trip, you can be sure to find your ideal torch at Ledlenser.

Pocket Torch Lights to Suit Your Lifestyle

Successful preparation and having the right equipment can be the key to a rewarding adventure into nature or a weekend away with your favourite hobby. With this in mind, what could be more important than making sure that you always have a quality pocket torch to illuminate your tent or serve as a backup in case your headlamp runs out of battery?

At Ledlenser, we are dedicated to providing customers in Australia and the rest of the world with the most convenient torches by combining outstanding German quality, intuitive, easy-to-use designs and the latest technological advancements in the industry. Our range of pocket torches is no exception – we made sure to bring together our most compact and reliable torch models for you to choose from.

Here are a few reasons why our collection of pocket torch lights would be a great addition to every pocket, toolbox, backpack and kitchen drawer:

  • Convenient. Our pocket torches are compact, lightweight and easy to carry around in your pocket or backpack without needing to free up extra space for them. A number of our pocket torch models can be attached to your keychain. With hard and durable frames that minimise the risk of damage to our pocket torches, some are equipped with a flat base designed to keep them stationary and stable, making them safe to be placed on the ground or a flat surface. Our torches are also convenient for single-hand use – whatever situation you are in, you can be sure that you can switch your Ledlenser on with one hand.
  • Lumen output range. Our pocket torches vary in terms of lumen output. Some models offer a moderate 15-20 lumen output, perfect for small-scale jobs around your house, while other torches including a number of our small key ring lamps can deliver an impressive 400-480 lumens, making them great for outdoor activities. Luminosity is an important factor to take into account because it directly affects how well lit the area you are in is going to be.
  • Battery types. In our range of pocket torches, we offer both rechargeable and battery operated options. For some situations, it might be more convenient to have a rechargeable pocket torch, so that you can charge it once, know how long it is going to last and plan accordingly. On the other hand, for some, it may be more convenient to just switch batteries once the old ones are dead, or when charging is simply not an option. With our selection of pocket torches, you can consider all the possible scenarios of your trip, and your intended use and choose the best Ledlenser torch that will have you covered for any situation.
  • Light functions. Some of our pocket torch models have light options such as enhanced power and low power. A great feature of having these options, apart from being able to decide exactly how bright you want your torch to be at a given time, is that it gives you an opportunity to calculate and save power when needed to.
  • IP class. IP class defines how well your pocket torch can stand against the effects of external factors, such as water and dust. Whether you are going to use the pocket torch in the comfort of your own home or as your primary source of lighting in the outdoors – there will always be a Ledlenser for your adventures.
  • The perfect gift. A number of our pocket torches and pen lights offer the option for engraving at the time of purchase. Personalise your Ledlenser and transform it into a thoughtful and one of a kind gift for a loved one.

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