The backyard lighting product for your outdoor BBQ

The backyard lighting product for your outdoor BBQ

In light of the current situation, more and more people are having gatherings at home due to restrictions. So if you have family and friends over, you need to ensure your space is well lit, because no one wants to be sitting outside in the dark not being able to see the people they are talking to.

Ledlenser Flood Lights are a great solution for you and are powerful enough to light up a standard size backyard. They are cordless, and have adjustable power, making it the perfect light for any social event outside. The last thing you need is power cords running along the ground and potential being a trip hazard, especially if there are children.

We have 5 amazing flood lights ranging in size, but the ideal products we would recommend for this occasion are the iF4R Music and iF8R.


Check out more details of these lights below:

  • The iF4R Music is the first of its kind as a flood light with a built in Bluetooth enabled speaker, enabling you to light up your backyard with 2,500 lumens of light output whilst playing your favourite songs. You can listen to your favourite music accompanied with light by simply connecting your smart device via Bluetooth to your iF4R Music. It also has 5 light settings for ease of use. These functions make it the perfect light for your next family BBQ or any outdoors event in your very own backyard.
  • The iF8R is our biggest floodlight which packs a powerful punch at 4,500 lumens and easily lighting up a double car garage. It has 5 different light settings, can be controlled through Bluetooth and the Ledlenser Pro Connect App on your phone. Meaning you can adjust our iF8R brightness levels whilst sitting at the outdoor dinner table, you don’t even have to get up and miss out on the conversation.


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