Why should we choose rechargeable torches?

Why should we choose rechargeable torches?

Rechargeability in torches and headlamps have come a long way over the years and usually incorporate a Lithium Ion rechargeable Battery in majority of cases as the preferred type of battery. 

First things first, going rechargeable is much better on the environment as you are not needing to use alkaline batteries, therefore disposing less waste in landfill with used batteries. 

They are also cheaper and better value for money in the long run as you are not needing to repurchase alkaline batteries every time your torch runs out of battery. Generally rechargeable products will cost slightly more at the first point of purchase, but it will pay itself off in just a few months, sometimes weeks depending on how often you use your lighting product. 

Rechargeable products is definitely where the future is going. At Ledlenser we have designed a fantastic power bank range to coincide with this being a more economical and environmentally friendly choice. 

By having power banks on hand, it ensures you always have an option to recharge your torch or headlamp at any given time. Some power banks also have removeable rechargeable batteries meaning you can swap these out with batteries inside your torch or headlamp if they are the same size. A win win right there!

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