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Kayaking is one of the water activities that is fun and enjoyable. Who loves paddling in the calm water surrounded by great nature scenery? Whether you want to go kayaking or boating, safety is always our top priority. To be safe, one should never leave without any navigation lights on your boat. A boating headlamp is a must-have tool that someone should bring on. At Ledlenser, you can find world-class kayak headlamps to help you equip and light your night while having fun.

Australia’s Best Head Torches for Kayaking, Sailing and Boating

At Ledlenser we prioritise your safety. Our brand is well known for providing top-notch quality torches and headlamps that are durable, water-resistant, and easy to use. Here’s how we’ve made it.

  • Water resistance. Our range of water-resistant head torches is designed to be watertight in case you accidentally dropped it in the water. If you’re kayaking or doing some water sports activities, a head torch with higher IP ratings might be a good choice. Ledlenser different ranges of IP headlamps are available to suit your needs.
  • Rechargeable. One of the great features of our headlamp is its charging capability. Sea activities like boating or kayaking are usually done during the daytime but for some emergency cases at night, our head torch can illuminate your surroundings for longer hours. When fully charged and used in low power mode, it can last up to 120 hours of use.
  • Brightness. Planning to go kayaking at night? We have ranges of headlamps with different brightness depending on their features. Choose a head torch that can illuminate both banks like this signature series edition.
  • Convenience. Since a kayak or a boat has only limited space, a lightweight and compact tool is essential. You can easily adjust the light beam by using the focus ring which smoothly changes from flood to spot beam.

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