Flex3 Powerbank

Flexible, sustainable, powerful.
Offering six functions in a robust and water-resistant housing it provides: powerbank, battery charger with charge level indicator, secure battery storage, display for capacity check, double protection against short circuits, fast battery replacement. The Powerbank Flex3 provides space for a battery type 18650 (included) and has a capacity of 3400 mAh.

    Special Information

    1. Compatibility

      Compatible with F1R, H8R, MH10, MH11, ML6, MT10, NEO10R, P6R Core, P6R Signature, P6R Work, iH11R, iH8R

    2. Features

      • Powerbank - for charging mobile devices
      • Green concept - less electronic waste as used batteries can be replaced
      • Suitable for outdoor activites - due to water and dust protection IP65 / special USB ports
      • Up to 30% shorter charging time - compared to charging in e.g. a flashlight P6R Core
      • Included batteries - can be used directly in the suitable products, thus no loss of capacity or time

    Technical Details

    Ledlenser Flex3 Powerbank

    Technical features

    • Battery 1x 18650 Li-ion 3.6v
    • Battery Capacity 3400 mAh
    • Height 27 mm
    • Length 109 mm
    • Material PC
    • Weight 88 g
    • Width 27 mm